Investing is difficult. Business is complicated. Accountability is not.

What We Do

We embrace your goals as if they were our own. We believe in placing your needs first, cultivating a long-lasting partnership, and helping you attain financial security.

The advice we provide to you is based on what we believe will best help to meet your long-term goals. It is of the utmost importance that we build a close working relationship with you to truly understand your circumstances and life objectives. And, as an RIA, we are personally accountable to manage your wealth in a manner consistent with your needs.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment Management is portfolio design according to one or more specific strategies with ongoing investment oversight.

Wealth Management/Wealth Planning

Wealth Management/Wealth Planning

Wealth Management is a suite of specialized services provided to meet the wealth planning, investing and financial management needs of wealth and high net worth families. It is a more holistic approach to your financial needs, values and priorities. These services may include: Goals-based wealth planning, Retirement income modeling, Financial needs of elderly parents, Coordination with your CPA and attorney.

Wealth Transfer/Insurance Planning

Wealth Transfer/Insurance Planning

Wealth transfer planning allows us to work in partnership with you to help ensure that your financial legacy passes to and protects future generations.

Services include: Insurance planning, Philanthropic giving strategy, Generational wealth transfer considerations.

If you are like most people, your needs are fluid as life happens. What we do for you is likely to evolve as you and your life evolve. In fact, it is likely that you will use us as a resource in each of these service categories over time. But the underlying structure and support you receive from us remains constant.

That’s IMA Wealth and the foundation of a strong relationship.

Our Core Values


Clarity means knowing your IMA Wealth advisors. You benefit from our collective experience because we work as a Team to deliver our services to you. Since 1999, IMA Wealth has been providing our clients with a level of financial guidance and service that has made us a trusted and valued partner. Our Goal is Simple: to understand you, create a strategy to address your specific financial needs, and deliver solutions that empower you to reach your goals.

Your interests are our interests. We believe in placing your needs first, cultivating a long lasting partnership, and improving and protecting your financial future.

We see the bigger picture for you and your family and focus our efforts on your financial security.


We take our commitments seriously – to uphold standards of impeccable professionalism, to deliver thoughtful solutions that reflect your priorities, to bring in expert colleagues when needed, and to adapt as circumstance shift. There’s no single concept that will yield success for every investor.

At IMA Wealth, we are committed to using our wealth of experience and expertise to provide solutions to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Your strategies are developed with an eye toward your overall financial situation as well as your tolerance for risk. In short, your strategies should reflect your personal goals and objectives.

Developing an investment strategy is important, but just as important is making sure the strategy remains relevant. Life is not static and your investments should change as your needs evolve. We pride ourselves on understanding the issues that are of concern to you and regular communications with your advisor means that we are aware of these issues.


Relationships are paramount to the way we do business. We take the time to understand the story behind your assets because we take an interest in you.

We are perceptive to your needs and understand what keeps you up at night and what you value. IMA Wealth believes that trust is earned through compassion and a genuine understanding.

We take a strong interest in our clients and what’s most important to them. We respect their thoughts and opinions and appreciate their story. This means working together as partners and problem solvers side by side.

Our clients depend on us for honesty and guidance. Our interests are directly related to the interests of the clients we serve.

What we’re all about

We are known for taking a conservative approach to wealth management and focus on meeting each of our client’s personal investment objectives through customized separately managed portfolios.

All investment strategy decisions are made by our Investment Policy Committee, who evaluates and applies the latest financial research to ensure the recommendations we make to our clients live up to our values and standards as an RIA. Simply put, our clients’ needs are our priority.

Our Approach

We offer you a holistic approach and a wealth management plan that is tailored to your personal and family objectives.

Our goals based methodology deals with risk in terms that resonate with our clients and opens up dialogue.

These conversations are critical to helping you attain the future you envision for yourself and your family.

This is why our first priority is to gain a clear understanding of your goals, wants, needs, and current situation. This information helps us shape your investment strategy, giving it purpose and direction. It also helps us to determine your recommended asset allocation – the portioning of your investments among various types of investment classes – that we believe will best help you attain your goals. Simply put, the right asset mix should help maximize your returns while controlling risk within your current tolerance range.

Holistic wealth planning works in concert with your risk management strategy to meet your overall needs and goals.


Our full range of services encompass:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment management
  • Wealth management
  • Succession planning
  • Financial education
  • Wealth planning
  • Coordination with your CPA/attorney
  • Insurance planning
  • Philanthropic giving strategy

Our ongoing conversations will revisit your current asset allocation and risk exposure. Your portfolio will be adjusted as needed as you attain certain goals or add new wants and needs to your life plan.

Your initial comprehensive wealth planning report illustrates both your current and projected financial picture. We periodically update these reports as you reach milestones toward your goals. At IMA Wealth, we also provide quarterly investment performance reports and are happy to provide additional customized reports to you (and/or your CPA and attorney) at your request.

Institutional / Asset Management

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