Discretionary Investment Management

IMA Wealth provides investment strategies for institutional clients that are designed to meet your investment goals, while balancing the importance of risk and return. Our portfolio management expertise is enhanced by our commitment to exceeding your service expectations.

We believe our size and organizational structure allows us to:

  • develop a close working relationship with you
  • be highly responsive to your needs
  • manage your assets in an efficient and effective manner

We are an independent advisor – IMA Wealth is not affiliated with any bank, investment company, retirement plan provider or research broker. This important differentiator means:

  • Our opinions are our own. We are free to invest according to our own economic outlook and market forecast
  • We use independent research. We utilize robust economic and market research obtained from sources independent of any Wall Street firms or banks.
  • We do not offer proprietary investment products. We can to choose from an almost limitless array of securities to design your portfolio.
  • You are hiring the decision-makers. Our team makes all investment decisions including portfolio design, asset allocation, and individual securities selection.
  • Your securities account is with an unaffiliated third party broker-custodian. You own a brokerage account with an independent broker-custodian that is not affiliated with IMA Wealth. We are granted limited power of attorney to purchase and sell securities on your behalf. Your independent broker-custodian delivers trade confirmations and brokerage account statements directly to you, and provides you on-line access to account information and securities holdings.

Equity Portfolio Management Strategies

We have several equity investment portfolio management strategies designed to meet a wide range of investment objectives. These strategies can be modified as needed to comply with your organization’s Investment Policy Statement. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific objectives in detail so we can develop an investment recommendation specifically for you.

  • Taxable and Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  • Our fixed income management strategies focus primarily on wealth preservation and income generation. Portfolio composition decisions are made in consideration of our fixed income strategy objectives, which include a goal to provide adequate diversification and avoid significant issue-specific concentrations. Individual bonds will be rated investment grade or higher by Moody’s Investor’s Service and/or Standard & Poor’s at time of purchase (mutual funds and ETFs purchased for your account may have a lower overall average credit rating).
  • We also seek to add value tactically through asset allocation. This may result in a higher allocation to low-correlation assets that could include equity income securities and cash.

Income Strategies for Your Excess Cash Reserves

Our Intermediate Term Income investment management strategy provides current income by putting to work your excess cash balances – those not required to fund your daily operating cash flow needs or planned expenses. This strategy focuses primarily on income generation, with stability of principal as a secondary goal. Portfolios managed according to this strategy are invested in securities that are subject to market risk, are not guaranteed and may lose value. Eligible investments include fixed income securities, equities, and cash/cash equivalents.

Our Process

At IMA Wealth, we work as a team to provide our portfolio management services. You benefit from our collective experience and depth as well as our high service standards

Client Relationship Manager

This is the advisor you choose to serve as your key contact at IMA Wealth. Your relationship manager meets with you to discuss investment results, share our outlook with you and address other portfolio management topics as needed. Other members of our team, including our portfolio managers, will also attend your performance reviews. Your Relationship Manager also coordinates with our Investment Policy Committee and Operations staff on your behalf to help ensure that your needs are met.

Client Service Representatives

Our experienced support staff is ready to help with your day-to-day needs. They can provide you with special reports, help coordinate with your third party broker-custodian to open new accounts or complete account transfers. They also serve as liaison with your third-party broker-custodian to service your account or help resolve issues on your behalf.

Investment Policy Committee

Our team approach to portfolio management gives you not only a wealth of knowledge, but also provides multiple views of return potential and risk in consideration of your investment objectives. The five member team possesses decades of collective investment industry experience that encompasses both equity and fixed income securities.

Our first step is a needs analysis, led by your Relationship Manager. This analysis includes a review of your existing investment policy, if applicable. We work closely with you to help ensure that we fully understand your investment objectives and risk profile. This information provides the basis for our recommendation of the portfolio management strategy and strategic asset allocation we believe are best suited to achieve your goals.

Your existing portfolio is reviewed to determine which holdings conform to your new investment strategy. Any investments that do not align with your new strategy are replaced over time as market opportunities permit. Portfolios are typically brought into alignment with their new strategy over a period of 90 days to 6 months. This permits our portfolio managers the latitude to consider current market conditions as well as any issues specific to your account.

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