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Founded in 1999, IMA Wealth specializes in providing consulting services to employers for qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Our offices are located in Wichita, Kansas, Denver, Colorado and Dallas, Texas.

We are registered as an independent investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). We are also registered with the SEC as an independent limited securities broker-dealer, Member FINRA.

Plan Sponsors who prefer a fee for service arrangement and/or an ERISA Section 3(38) Investment Management arrangement enter into an investment consulting agreement with IMA Wealth serving as their investment advisor. We also offer commission arrangements through our registered broker-dealer.  Your dedicated service team is comprised of the same people under either arrangement.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of The IMA Financial Group, Inc. (“IMA”), one of 10 largest privately held, employee-owned insurance brokerage/agency and employee benefits organizations in US. IMA is regularly recognized by its peers as a top performing organization that encourages healthy lifestyles and a place where associates can grow into their full potential.

Across the IMA family of companies is a core belief that when you show someone the right path, results will follow. It’s what we do – protect assets and make a difference.

As an employee-owned company, we are highly motivated to win your business and earn your trust. We understand that to do this, it is critical that we create value for you and your employees now and in the years ahead.


A well-designed retirement savings program is a critical component of your organization’s employee benefit package – and essential to your ability to attract and retain top talent. Our team of specialists possesses extensive industry experience, and has the skills and resources you need to:

  • Help your employees retire with greater security
  • Identify and mitigate your personal liability risk
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Eliminate excessive fees and unnecessary services
  • Simplify compliance and administration –  so you can devote more time to running your organization

Our comprehensive retirement plan consulting services include:

Fiduciary Assessment and Compliance Oversight

  • Fiduciary process assessment
  • Administrative Committee Charter
  • Fiduciary training program
  • ERISA checklist and calendar
  • Fiduciary insurance and fidelity bonding review
  • ERISA 3(21) investment fiduciary*
  • ERISA 3(38) investment fiduciary*
  • Legislative/regulatory updates

Plan Design & Vendor Oversight

  • Plan design consulting
  • Vendor fee and service benchmarking
  • Vendor search and executive summary
  • Transition services
  • Vendor management and issue resolution
  • Identify vendor service upgrades

Comprehensive Investment Support

  • Investment Policy development and annual review
  • Investment Committee Charter
  • Investment menu design and monitoring
  • Fund replacements and fund manager search
  • Investment utilization review
  • In-person Investment Committee reviews
  • Comprehensive, independent plan-level reports

Employee Education and Communication

  • Employee investment utilization / participation analysis
  • Education Policy Statement development
  • Develop and deliver ongoing Education Program
  • Enrollment and education meetings
  • Facilitate one-to-one employee meetings
  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Facilitate financial wellness program

*ERISA Section 3(21) Investment Fiduciary Services include the following four services: Investment Policy development, performance reports, investment menu design, and investment monitoring services. ERISA Section 3(38) Services include these services plus discretionary investment advice.


We have provided specialized investment advisory and consulting services to defined contribution and non-qualified deferred compensation clients since 1999.  Our professional staff is known for their years of industry experience and expertise as investment advisors. Our clients value the decades of experience behind our advice, as well as the way that we provide it – with respect, trust, and a deep commitment to exceeding your expectations.


We believe in helping your employees retire with greater security and placing their needs first, in identifying and mitigating your personal liability risk, eliminating excessive fees, and cultivating a long-lasting partnership with you.

You can count on us, as your ERISA Section 3(21) or Section 3(38) Plan Fiduciary, to put your participants first when formulating investment recommendations for your Plan. IMA Wealth does not have proprietary investments or alliances, and our affiliates are not in securities-related businesses.

We evaluate our effectiveness in working with you for the benefit of your Plan and participants by reviewing employee participation rates (as measured by increased salary deferrals) and improved Plan-level asset allocation through effective plan design. Simply put, we understand that your employees must participate in your organization’s retirement plan to fully understand and appreciate its value. 


IMA Wealth offers you a disciplined approach that balances the importance of risk and return while weighing the impact of fees and expenses. While we strive to develop a fund menu with the potential to provide attractive returns, we recognize that risk management is critical to long term wealth creation.

As your Plan’s ERISA § 3(21) investment advisor or § 3(38) investment manager, we help ensure that your Plan’s investment menu complies with ERISA 404(c) diversification requirements. We also closely monitor investment costs and availability of less expensive funds and/or share classes.

We build a close working relationship with you to truly understand your employees – current demographics, average tenure, what they typically do with their Plan balance when they retire or leave your employment, and overall Plan allocation.  This allows us to consider these factors as we design your investment menu and select default investments.

And, as a Plan fiduciary, we are personally accountable to make recommendations that are consistent with ERISA regulation and in your participants’ best interests.

We strive to build solid, “evergreen” portfolios that offer a range of choices for participants whether they are conservative or aggressive, experienced or novice investors. Investment menu development and fund selection focuses on core fundamentals: asset allocation, consistent performance, risk metrics, diversification and internal expenses. Broad-market index funds give participants the ability to achieve market returns at a low cost. Preference is given to index funds style boxes where active managers typically fail to outperform benchmark over the long term.


We believe that it is important to provide performance data and commentary that is independent of what is provided by your Custodian. It is for this reason that we typically provide report packages that are produced by our in-house professionals. The software packages that our Denver team uses to select and monitor your Plan’s investment menu and create your reports include Morningstar® Principial® and mpi Stylus®. Fee comparison studies are produced using Monarch Fee Benchmarks™ and Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc.

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