AARP tells the tale of the tape on commons Social Security Misconceptions
What do people get wrong about one of our largest entitlement programs?

A flashpoint in trade tensions with China, American soy beans
Recently imposed Chinese tariffs on American soy beans have dried up the market for American farmers, in an attempt to wait out negotiations, farmers are storing beans, and filling silos, at record pace

Her Majesty’s government thrown into chaos as Brexit Secretary, and others, resign over latest Brexit deal
Theresa May faces the gravest challenge to her government yet as hardline Brexit supporters step up the attack

You too, can be an #InstaInfluencer
As companies become more and more granular in their targeting of consumer markets, the traditional sponsorship is falling by the wayside in favor of micro-sponsorships 

You need $280,000 in retirement, just to cover healthcare costs

And that’s before you enter long-term care. Compare that number to the $147,000 the average baby boomer has saved for retirement