China is planning a New Year’s Eve party, on the moon
Launched on December 8th, China’s Chang’e-4 probe is scheduled to touch down on the far side of the moon (a first for any space agency) on December 31st, to perform a number of tests on the moon’s surface.

Cyber risk is as internal as it is external – ask Marriot
Supervising and managing, internal threats and weaknesses is the easiest way to decrease your cyber risk, for both individuals and companies.

The United States Secret Service plans to test facial recognition near the White House
While the Orwellian-seeming technology has been utilized by the British government for a few years, this application hits too close to home according to the ACLU.

Is one of the oldest government agencies ready for an overhaul?
The Treasury’s report indicated USPS should abandon its current pricing model with “profitability in mind”

Not content with online retail domination, Jeff Bezos is getting into chronometers
But only one, a new $42M clock buried in the west Texas countryside will cuckoo once a millennium, designed to tell time accurately for the next 10,000 years