The car you just bought might be the last one you’ll own
Uber and Lyft are just the beginning to the future of transportation

43% of female skilled workers leave the workforce after having a child
The Mom Project,
which just raised $8M, is looking to change that. The company aims to keep new moms (and dads) in the workforce by matching them with positions which match their new lifestyle.

All that glitters is gold stuff in your car’s exhaust system
Palladium, once considered a useless mining byproduct (kind of like gasoline in the late 1800s) is now more valuable than gold, spurred by its usage in exhaust systems catalytic converters.

The looming big tech backlash
Consumer tech giants (Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple) may soon be facing retribution over their sheer power and outright hostility.

This week in ‘What Will Millennials Ruin Next?’
The confluence of millennials attitude towards work/life balance and the trillion dollar price tag of commuting has already helped lead to the rise of coworking giants such as WeWork, and is poised to redefine remote work as well.