Tim Cook continues his campaign for digital privacy
Apple’s CEO spoke in support of a rule similar to the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for the United States.

Vancouver learns that The Notorious B.I.G. was right: Mo Money, Mo Problems
In the late aughts Vancouver was one of the first North American cities to wade through a deluge of Chinese real estate investors seeking ways to stash capital oversees. Now the city is grappling with the effects of sky-high real estate prices and vacant, but owned, homes.

Titanic II, starring you, potentially

An Australian millionaire announced earlier this week his intentions to begin construction on a working replica of the infamous ship, complete with the same luxurious dining rooms and expansive decks, but this time, there will be more than enough lifeboats for all those aboard.

Snacks > Legroom

Your knees may be jammed into the seat in front of you, but at least you will have better snacks! There is a new movement among the major airlines to begin expanding snack offerings for all cabins. These new options, mostly created by small start-ups, aim to be unique and far superior to the standard pretzel and will hopefully add some renewed excitement to airline travel.

What falling home ownership rates mean for millennials later in life

How student loan debt and putting off getting married means a delay for millennials buying a house, and how that may hurt their financial security as they head towards retirement.